And given her rather poor professionalism she sent us all the files from our two year session as well as the above, our holiday session, at no charge. It’s a fair gesture that certainly helps mitigate our frustration. 

Five months later, we’ve finally received the digital files for our two year pictures. Following this experience, I will be a bit more careful when selecting a photographer in the future. I’m trying not to complain too much because, hey, at least I have some pictures. 

16 Weeks

  • Heading north on the 405 and I jumped directly into the HOV lane, forgetting that I did not, in fact, have my son in the car.  But the baby in my belly counts, right?
  • Speaking of the baby in my belly, that little turkey kept giving us the slip while trying to hear the heartbeat today. We eventually cornered the booger.
  • B stayed with Cousin while we were at the appointment. He doesn’t want to be separated from him and everything thing Ki Ki does, the boy does also; so when Uncle took Cousin’s height, he jumped in line to get a turn as well: 34 1/2 inches. 

My husband has a bit of a green thumb and doesn’t mind spending time (and money) on outdoor space. Since it usually involves dirt, B doesn’t mind helping out and as we bought him his own gardening tools, he is perfectly equipped to do so. 

15 Weeks

  • The weight loss has finally subsided—after loosing twenty pounds in eight weeks, I’ve spent the last three adding a few to my frame. 
  • This is largely due to the small but increasingly broader range of food I have been able to consume, though not very broad really.
  • I haven’t taken a single picture of myself, however, largely because I am somewhat embarrassed by the size of my belly. It would probably be an exaggeration to say I already look to be in my third trimester but it would be exactly correct to say I feel that way. 
  • On a positive note, we have finally engaged a midwife for our home birth and our first appointment is next week. 


My son has only really asked for milk once or twice since he’s been home. (It’s been three weeks since the last time he nursed.) But this afternoon he wakes up from his nap, taps each of my breasts and says, “Mommy’s milk.” Then he taps just my left breast and says, “I want some. Open it. Open it.”